On 26th October 2019 we ran a special workshop with the Welsh Youth Parliament.  The imminent lowering of the voting age in Wales is a particularly important issue to WYP members so we are grateful to have the opportunity to put their views on record.  Around 20 delegates attended our session and discussed a number of issues.  We were fortunate to share the session with the Electoral Reform Society who focused on the critical issue of political education in schools.   This allowed us to explore the delegate’s opinions on the voting age, their views on whether voting is an adult act and the effectiveness of Welsh institutions in engaging with young people.  The comments made by WYP members will feed directly into the policy work we are doing with the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government’s Democratic Renewal Working Group around the implementation of ‘Votes-at-16’ in Wales. We would like to thank all who participated and we look forward to further collaboration with WYP members in the future.

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