On Saturday 25th January 2019 we will be hosting a Conference at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.  This will be the first in a series of youth-focused workshops and conferences which aim to help inform policy-making.  The event is organised in collaboration with a wide-range of youth democracy organisations from across the UK who have worked with us on the project.  Young people and youth workers will attend representing the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland youth parliaments, various English city-regions, local youth councils  and other youth organisations.  It will also bring together some of the leading youth-orientated democratic education and representation organisations including the British Youth Council, The Electoral Commission, Local Government Association, the Association for Citizenship Teachers, the Political Studies Association Young People’s Politics specialist group, and the Electoral Reform Society.  Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham will open the event.

The Events has 3 main aims;

  1. To provide an opportunity for us to present new research on voting age reform from the project to an audience of youth advocates and policy-makers.
  2. To host a series of youth-led workshops that bring together young people from across the UK to discuss their experience of voting and the political system.
  3. To provide an opportunity for youth democracy organisations, academics and policymakers to network and develop next steps initiatives

The event will run from 11AM-3PM.  If you are interested in attending please email Tom Loughran at t.i.loughran@hud.ac.uk to confirm a place.



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