On 20th May 2019 Professor Jon Tonge delivered a public lecture at the University of Liverpool entitled ‘Should the voting age be lowered to 16?’

The lecture was part of the University of Liverpool’s open house festival and Professor Tonge’s lecture was based on findings from the lowering the voting age project.  The lecture discussed the comparison between the voting age debate in 1969 and the present day, discussed the present political context in the development of voting age policy and presented evidence from our public opinion surveys.

Professor Tonge reiterated our position that reform of the age of enfranchisement should be evidence driven.  “The consideration of voting age reform needs to be based on evidence. It cannot be a product of politicised and binary argument. By adopting an evidence-based approach that draws on the views and experiences of citizens of all ages across the country, we seek to help create policies that encourage all young people to develop a lifelong habit for voting and participating in our democracy.”

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